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What is Branding?

The B Word

Branding is an artform. When done right, there's a lot of time and energy that goes into research to position your offering to resonate with your target market.

Brands get built for anywhere between $10K and $100K+. That kind of investment isn't always within reach for solo-entrepreneurs or small businesses. What we recommend for most of our clients is brand unification or what we like to call QuickStart Branding.

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What is QuickStart Branding?

If you built your business piece by piece over time, chances are that you have a mismatched design problem. Maybe your business card has a different look and feel than your website, which doesn't have much in common with your invoices or classroom handouts. It's possible to have several different design aesthetics on a single website. And if that's you, that’s okay! That's how scrappy small businesses do things.

To uplevel the perception of your business, we bring cohesion and polish to everything your clients see and engage with (your brand identity).

To do this, we'll work together to pick a design direction, modernize any outdated elements, and give every aspect of your business a matching facelift. QuickStart Branding will look like you invested heavily in brand strategy because your website and business collateral will feel unified. QuickStart Branding is a great first step, but it's important that you know that if you intend to grow – and grow smart – eventually you'll want to trade in your QuickStart Branding for a fully developed brand identity.

QuickStart Branding Scope:

Refresh Logomark

Do you have a logomark? Does it feel like it belongs in this decade? Together we'll look at what you have and decide if it's working for you and your brand. If it needs to be refreshed or redesigned, our team can do that for you or help you find a logo designer/ design service that fits your budget.

Modernize Color Palette

Color choice communicates so much about a brand's personality. Together we'll identify a suite of colors that will work on web and in print. We'll look at your local competitors to figure out how we can pick a palette that'll immediately differentiate you from them.

Commit to Visual Style

There are so many visual styles and vibes out there – we just need to pick the one that's right for you. Maybe you’re traditional, avant-garde, earthy, bohemian, or cutting-edge modern. It doesn't matter to us what you like, our job will be to help you pick your design direction and stay faithful to it.

Unify Brand Assets

Once we have the logomark, color palette, and the design direction all set, we proliferate. We bring your website, print collateral, and anything else that is a part of your business under this beautifully unified QuickStart brand.
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