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Is a design consultation right for you?

Who can benefit

Whether you need to revamp your website or build one from scratch, a design consultation will help you strategically approach your project. This 90-minute meeting is similar to hiring an inspector prior to starting construction on your home. They assess the situation, note all the repairs that are needed, and prioritize which ones will benefit you and your home the most. Our design consultation does the same thing; they determine where you need renovation and what work should be prioritized within your given budget.


What you'll get:

If you're revamping a website, a designer will put your current site through an in-depth review process. You'll get feedback on its content structure, visual design, and technical construction. During your meeting, you'll take that info and design a construction plan for the next version of your website (this is where you'll start if you're building your first website). That's really the gift of a design consultation you'll walk away with a better idea of your project size and scope – which will help you when getting comparable quotes* from designers.

*Quotes for web design projects can range widely. You might get a $1.5K and a $5K quote for the same project – but how do you know what the difference is? Does the lower bid include everything you need, or does it overlook some of the important aspects of web design like on-page SEO? Does the more expensive bid include bells and whistles that your business doesn't need right now? That's a situation we want to avoid. What we really want is to put you in a position to compare bids that cover every aspect of a design project that you need covered (and not the elements that you don't).

How it works:

Schedule with a Designer

We know that you’re excited and want to get something on the books ASAP. We are too. But, we recommend that you schedule your consultation at least a few days out to give yourself time to do the pre-work needed so that you can make the most of your consultation.

Prework + Research

Your designer will do a review of your current website, your competitors, and your industry. We'll ask you to do some work too, including finding visual references for your new design, etc.

Consultation Session

This 90-minute virtual consultation is an exploratory conversation that you'll have with a designer. You'll discuss your vision for the new site, your clientele, your marketing strategy, and the ways in which you want your business to grow. You'll also have a chance to ask any technical questions and together we’ll discuss options for revising your site (or building a brand new one).

Actionable Recommendations

You'll receive a recap of your consultation session with specific actionable items including a defined project goal, a sitemap, a design schematic, and list of technical requirements. If you'd like us to quote your project, we can. If you'd like recommendations for other designers, we're happy to provide you a list of wonderful creatives to get competing bids.
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